Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Bachelorette--- Fantasy Dates!

I'm a day behind because I had to support a friend last night)

When we last left Jojo, she was ready to say goodbye to Luke, but he big fat said he was in love with her, so she did some fake crying, not knowing what to do.

Rose Ceremony:

So, all that fake sobbing was for nothing.

Too bad, Luke. You were a good guy. But not good enough.

the look of shock

Luke was devastated. He was straight in shock. And as Jojo cried her annoying fake tears, I couldn't help but think that she's going to have the same conversation with Chase in a week.

So, now. Jojo and her remaining three guys are off to Thailand for the fantasy overnight dates. Man, it looks HOT in Thailand. Add that to the list of places I never need to go. But the beach is pretty nice.

Robbie has the first overnight date. They enjoyed a day tooling around town and then got dressed up and had a romantic dinner.

Robbie is happy to forgo his individual room and spend the night with Jojo.

JoJo narrows the field to her final two men on 'The Bachelorette'

As you can tell, the whole date was boring.... Except Robbie started calling her Joelle instead of Jojo.

Jordan has the next one on one overnight date. She meets him on a secluded beach and then they hike up a mountain. They go through a cave and enter a temple, where there is NO KISSING ALLOWED. This is actually a good thing, because Jojo needs to check out Jordan's real personality, not just his weird hair flip.

In the evening portion of the date, Jojo got nervous because she asked him what the next year looks
like, and he couldn't tell her. The Agent (watching this for I think the first time this season)  is sure that she is going to dump him this week.

Ummm.... no. He hasn't been watching. She digs Jordan. She doesn't have very good taste in men. '

Jordan also says he will forgo his individual room. They go back to the room to do the nasty.... maybe. According to Jordan, They "took a big step.... in a REALLY exciting direction. It was EXACTLY what I needed." Oh, yeah. They got busy.

Finally, it's time for a date with Hottie Chase. They don't do anything special, but they have a fun date around town. They are so cute together. They are silly, they have fun, and they are passionate. I dig him.

They are having a great date.... until Robbie decided to come by and mess with Jojo's head. What the heck, Robbie? Get out! Go back to your hotel! This is Chase's turn!


Chase ALSO chooses to forgo his individual room. Chase says he's in love with Jojo.... but she's not feeling it. She loves Jordan and Robbie more than Chase? How can that be?

She's so stupid. She broke Chase's heart.


Jojo decides she still needs to have a rose ceremony. Even though she's offering roses to both of the remaining guys, it's a two way street, and they guys still need to accept the roses.

During the rose ceremony, as Jojo is explaining why Hottie Chase isn't there, HE SHOWS UP!!!! To win her back? To punch Jordan in the throat? To ask Robbie for swim lessons?

Chase doesn't ask for another chance, but he says he loves her and if she changes her mind, he'll be there. And then he walks away.


Jojo dries her fake tears and goes back to Robbie and Jordan. They both get roses.

See you next week!

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Monday, July 18, 2016

The Bachelorette-- Hometown Dates

Home town dates are tonight! After last week's snoozefest, let's hope that this week's episode is a little more exciting!

First we're off to Colorado to meet hottie Chase and his family. First they go up to the top of a beautiful cliff to drink hot chocolate, and then he takes her back to his pad. I'm very impressed!  I  dated my share of guys in my twenties, and very few were that nice, and NONE of them had anything more than a neon Bud Light sign as a way of decorations.

Hmmm.... this may be more a reflection of my dating choices than anything else.

Chase comes from a divorced family, so he had his dad come over to his house to meet Jojo separately. The Dad seems very nice, but something about the relationship seems forced. Warning bells went off.

That's not to say I don't totally love Chase. I have a history of guys have little to no father figure in their lives, so Chase fits right in with my perfect guy!

Jojo jets off to California next, to meet Jordan and his family. Jojo admits that she had never heard of Chico, CA before. Let me break it down for you, Jojo. Chico is home of California  State University at Chico, also known as the party school. I've been there, and I did in fact party there. Good times. Probably a little loud for the post-college crowd.

Jordan took Jojo to his high school. Nothing screams LOSER like a guy who wants to relive his high school days. Chico is a beautiful little town, and he could have taken her to all kinds of sweet places, and he took her to his high school. Lame. I mean, even in her interview a herd of deer ran by. He could have done way better.

Jojo meets Jordan's parents and one of his brothers.... but not the famous football player brother. Jojo just cannot get past the fact that Aaron Rodgers might.... I don't know.... HAVE A FOOTBALL GAME TO GO TO???? Ugh. Give it up, Jojo.

Next, Jojo is off to Florida to see Robbie.  He had a horse and carriage waiting for her, and they have a relaxing lunch at a restaurant with a waterfront view. Very nice.

Jojo's big worry with Robbie, and rightfully so, is that he JUST broke up with his ex-girlfriend. I mean, like yesterday.   Yeah, Jojo. I would be worried, too.

Robbie and Jojo come bearing all kinds of gifts, something I didn't see Jojo bring to the other families. Are the gifts from Robbie? Are they purchased BY Robbie but FROM Jojo? So strange.

The drama we've been waiting for all night comes from Robbie's mama: she says that there are rumors floating around that Robbie broke up with his ex specifically to go on the show. Robbie is upset, but does the right thing and immediately goes to Jojo. But instead of respecting Robbie's honestly, it seems like she doesn't believe him. "Just be honest with me," she says. "I need to know the truth." Robbie insists he's telling her the truth, but something inside her isn't buying it.

Robbie does everything he can to convince Jojo that he loves her and her only. I believe that out of all the guys left, Robbie loves Jojo the most.

I don't think she feels as strongly for him.

Finally, Jojo is off to Texas to meet Luke and his family. Luke takes her to what is apparently the family property, where they meet Luke's family and 50 of his closest friends. After the friends scatter, Jojo enjoys some BBQ with the fam. Was there any kind of conversation with the family? I might have missed it.

Jojo ends the day by riding horses and they come across a bunch of bales of hay made up to look like a cozy love seat. They have a super romantic conversation. Luke says he wants forever with her.

And how does Jojo react? She cries. And I'm not sure those are tears of joy.

As Luke leads her down the road to his heart and tells her how he feels, it seems like she has already made a decision.... and I'm not sure that it's one that Luke is going to be happy with.

The rose ceremony is in an airport hanger. The winners apparently will fly off to some exotic loacation.... and the loser will fly home.

Strangely enough, Jojo tells the camera that she needs to say goodbye to Luke, which is very unusual.

Oh, that's why. Luke feels the need to talk to her before the rose ceremony. Luke tells her that he's in love with her. So now Jojo doesn't know what to do.... so she cries some fake tears.


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Monday, July 11, 2016

The Bachelorette

Are you all having withdrawals from not seeing The Bachelorette for the last two weeks as much as I am? Let's get right to it!

There will be 3 one on one dates, and 1 group date. The only date rose will be the group date rose: that one guy will  be guaranteed a hometown date.

First Date: 
"I GAUCHO on my mind..."

Their date is... lame. They take a drive through the country, while the rest  of the guys take a bus ride to presumably the same location. Jojo admits in one of her solo interviews that she's not really feeling a romantic vibe with Alex.

No kidding. We all saw that two weeks ago. You should have let him go then.

Meanwhile, the other guys on the bus are making up raps about how Alex sucks.

Alex is made to dress up like a traditional gaucho, and Jojo actually tells him, "You make such a cute LITTLE gaucho!" Hee hee hee..... she called him little.

what a cute little gaucho! 

The date was so boring that I kinda tuned out for awhile.... and then she kicked him off during the middle of the date! I guess he said he loved her, and she said she wasn't feeling it, and that she would rather send her home now. Alex is completely blindsided, and I am laughing at the tv.

Text from BFF: "Burn!"

Peace out, Alex.

Second date

I don't know what the date card said because I was watching this video, which has nothing to do with The Bachelorette, but I thought it was really powerful.

Jordan and Jojo fly to a grape vineyard to stomp on some grapes. Ugh. That is so gross to me. I hope my bottle of Van Ruiten doesn't have any toe jam in it.

NO! They are not going drink that! Accckkk! They did! Their feet were touching those grapes! SO nasty!

Jordan mentions during the evening portion of the date that he's not really that close with his (famous) brother. His brother doesn't even know that Jordan is on the show. And then he says he is SO in love with her.

And she replies that that makes her SO happy.

I love it that she's not telling everyone she loves them. We can't all be like Ben.

Group date: 
Chase, James, and  Robbie 
Let our love soar!

There was apparently a wonderful outdoor date planned, but they got rained out, so Jojo and the guys just hang out in the hotel all day, eating greasy food and playing truth or dare. James stuffs a million french fries in his mouth. Robbie has to strip down and steak down the hall. Not gonna say no to that.

James sees Robbie as a threat, and says in front of everyone that every time a cute Argentinian woman walks by, Robbie can't take his eyes off her. Robbie says he's lying, but James keeps it up, and Jojo doesn't know what to think.

Maybe it's true, maybe it's not, but Chase is going to keep his mouth shut and sail right in to home towns. Good move, Chase! He is incredibly dreamy, and he doesn't bad talk any of the other guys.

I would be meeting his mama.

Jojo did not agree with me, and chose to give the rose to pansy Robbie.

Fourth Date: 

I missed this date card as well. I'm really just not feeling this episode. Jojo and Luke go to a ranch and ride horses around. Luke is in his element. He is truly a country boy.

yee haw

Jojo tells Luke that instead of having an evening portion of the date, they're going to go back to the house and have a rose ceremony, without even the benefit of a cocktail party. Chase is nervous and James SHOULD be nervous.

Rose Ceremony:
Robbie (group date)

amd the final rose goes to...


Goodbye, James Taylor. Maybe we'll hear your guitar on the radio some day.

Hometown dates are next week! Let's hope that it's a little more exciting than this week's episode!

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Monday, June 27, 2016

The Bachelorette: a lot of Foreshadowing

Jojo and the guys are in Argentina!

Chris Harrison spends some time with Jojo, reminds her that Robby loves her, that she's at the halfway point.... and hopefully she doesn't pull a Ben and fall in love with 2 guys.

Harrison meets with the guys and says there's going to be a one on one date, a group date, and for the first time ever, a SECOND two on one date.

First Date
"Besame. Besame Muchacho!"

 Wells admits that he is the only guy who hasn't kissed Jojo yet. Jojo has to basically TELL Wells to kiss her. How embarrassing. I think he has to be going home, right? It's really too bad, because he's like the last good guy left on the show.

Wells and Jojo go to a show, where you look you at the ceiling and see people swimming above them. And then Wells and Jojo have a chance to do their own stunts. There is like zero opportunity to make out with Jojo.

Finally, FINALLY Wells and Jojo kiss. Oh, man. It looks like it was only ok. I hope there were some serious fireworks. I hope it's not too little, too late.

Wells says that his last relationship ended because they were basically best friends who live together. Jojo says in her private interview that statement hit home for her-- and she doesn't want that to happen again.

FORESHADOWING. Wells is a goner. Jojo says she can't give him the rose, and he handles it well. He probably knew it was coming. So sad. He's a good guy. And Jojo is left alone in the rain (with a hundred screaming fans).

Second date
Luke, Robby, James, Jordan, and Alex
"Living La Vida Boca"

These guys are all super hot.... except Alex is super short and James is kind of a goof. Robby is too sappy for me and Jordan rubs me the wrong way.... so really it's just Luke. But through some kind of soccer miracle, James wins a kiss from Jojo by getting a penalty kick against some locals in an impromptu soccer game. But James is not confident. He knows that Jordan and Luke are front runners, so James isn't sure why he's even there.


Jojo and Luke do some heavy making out. He's fr sure safe. I think James knows his days are numbered so he decides to throw Jordan under the bus. Jojo says she'll take it into consideration, but she really doesn't hear him.... and she immediately runs to Jordan and tells him that James tattled.

I really don't understand why any of the guys, ever, on any season, would think that tattling another contestant would benefit anyone at all. Really, all it does is ruin the relationship with the guys.
Jordan immediately confronts James: what the F, dude? James quakes under the pressure, and can't really defend his actions. Yep. Discussing the rules of a poker game doesn't really call into question someone's character. That's something that The Agent talks about every day.

Luke gets the rose. The reason why Luke got the rose because he spent his time making out with Jojo instead of throwing anyone under the bus or having to defend his actions.

Third date
Derek and Chase
"It takes two"

Wow. Chase is one of my favorites, and Derek is BFF's favorite. Chase is gorgeous, but Derek is probably the only good guy left.

This date is super hot. Jojo and the guys are doing a three person tango. Both guys are looking top notch and they are filled with passion.

(I might be alone in this opinion. BFF texted me saying how lame this date was. I disagree. I wish I was in the middle of this tango sandwich.)

Derek says he's falling for her, and she says she appreciates that. Really? That's all she can say?


Now it's time for Chase. It looks like he has a black eye.... why? What happened? Did he get in a fight that I missed?

Their time together is not the same as with Derek. Chase has to defend his feelings for Jojo. She claims he's not giving her anything, and she must like him more than he likes her. Chase has nothing to say in response.

Meanwhile, Derek is in a private interview, saying how confident he is in their relationship.


Chase says he is here for her, he wants to be with her, he's going to do whatever it takes to get her.

This was a hard decision, but Chase ultimately gets the rose and Derek was sent home. Derek is in tears, and Chase and Jojo dance to the music of some unknown Argentinian singer.

Chase is so freaking hot. They make out quite a bit.

There is a cocktail party, but I'm not sure why they even bothered. I think Jojo already knows who is going home. James is too nerdy, and Alex is too.... short. There's no one else who could possibly go.

Rose Ceremony: 
Luke (group date)
Chase (two on one)
and the final rose goes to..... 

no one. 

Jojo decides that can't give the final rose out to EITHER of the two guys. But instead of sending them both home, which is what she should have done, she decides to keep both Alex AND James.

James is grateful just to survive another week, but Alex is annoyed. He feels like he and James both got pity roses, and he wants to have a real relationship with her.


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Monday, June 20, 2016

The Bachelorette: Two rose ceremonies in one week!

Acckk! I was 2 minutes late starting the Bachelorette, and the drama was already in full force!

If you remember from way back two weeks ago, Chad and Alex were on a 2-on-1 date with Jojo. Alex was chosen, Chad was sent home. But instead of actually going home, Chad showed up at the mansion (or cabin or whatever it is) and confronted  all the guys. I'm not sure what was really even said, but the gist of it was, "My name is Chad and I'm a jerk."

So, Chad left and Alex came back, and there's happiness and merriment all around. But the fun times are short lived, because we have to go right into a cocktail party and rose ceremony. And as Creepy Evan pointed out, now that Chad is gone, and bunch of baby Chads were born.

Now, I don't fault any of the guys for this. Who cares that Jordan already has a rose? Get some lip action in there! Maybe he really wanted to know the flavor of Robbie's chapstick.

I did not see her have any quality time with James, Daniel, Grant, or Creepy Evan, so I'm a little worried for their fates.

Rose Recipients: 
James T. 

And the final rose goes to.... 

Creepy Evan

 Daniel and the other James was sent home.... with Daniel saying that clearly Jojo was going for personality, and his personality must suck, because he's the best looking guy there.  

Well, he's right that his personality sucks.

Jojo and the guys are going international-- taking off for South America!

The first one on one date is with Jordan: "Let's Seal the date." The other guys were a little upset. This is his first date with Jojo, but he already has a strong relationship with her, so maybe she could have had a date with one of the other guys.

Jordan and Jojo have a date that basically consists of making out on a yacht. Meanwhile, back at the house, Vinny is cutting hair and sharing his gossip mag with the other guys. The articles say that Jojo was dating her ex the whole time she was on the bachelorette, and the guys are mad  that she might be playing them.

There are two problems with this:

1. This is a gossip mag. It's not like it's Time magazine. This is not cutting edge news reporting.
2. The Bachelorette is happening right  now. How could they write an article about who she was dating during filming when the filming it RIGHT NOW? Dumb.

And I thought the guys weren't even supposed to have things like that? Shouldn't he be eliminated for having those? So I'm guessing that the producers WANTED the guys to have those. Because maybe they couldn't foresee any drama in the future, so they had to invent some drama.

Back to Jordan. Jojo had apparently met an exgirlfriend of Jordan's, who dished that Jordan was a complete jerk. Jojo confronted Jordan, and I thought he was pretty honest about his faults. He was immature, he was in love with football, and although he didn't specifically cheat, he was probably friendlier with girls than he needed to be.

No worries, Jordan still got the rose.

Oh, now back to the magazine. The producers gave Jojo a copy of the magazine, and said the guys have read it and it needs to be addressed.

(OK, so I guess the article was about events that happened during Ben's season, not the current season. I stand corrected. But I'm not going to rewrite all of the above)

This puts a bad taste in my mouth. She's not even crying real tears.

Jojo goes to the guys and says the magazine isn't real, and they guys says it's no big deal and Jojo cries some more make tears. This is dumb.

The group date has Luke, Derek, Chase, Evan, James, Vinny, Grant, Wells, and Alex: "I can't SAND to be away from you." She takes the guys sand surfing.  Ugh! It's so windy, and no one is wearing goggles! I would be blind.

(meanwhile, Jordan and Robbie are enjoying a romantic spa day.)

Derek is having classic First Date Paranoia: he had a great relationship early on, but he's jealous that other guys are building relationships, some at a faster pace. Jojo reassures him with some kisses. More kisses for James, Luke, and Alex.

Were Grant and Evan even there? Did Chase get locked in the bathroom? Vinny, stop hiding in the corner!

Derek gets the rose, "to reassure him." This upsets Alex, saying he is confident in his own relationship and doesn't need a pity rose. I say, get the rose any way you can!

Robbie has the next one on one date: "Love is within our reach." Robbie is a little too metro for me. I need someone slightly manlier. But Jojo seems to like him. They go around town and then they go rock climbing together. Robbie (an Olympic Swimmer)  then convinces Jojo to jump off the cliff with him, into the ocean.

In his interview, he says that he loves Jojo. He's in love with Jojo. I'm sorry, no. This is your first real date. You've known her for maybe three weeks. Stop being such a girl, Robbie.

Meanwhile, there's MORE drama at the house. Alex and Chase are confronting Derek about how he got the group date rose. No, Chase! I love you! Don't stoop down to Alex's level! Don't be the next Chad!

OK, back to Robbie. Robbie is telling Jojo that his best friend died in a car accident, and it made him realize that life is short  and he needs to take every opportunity he possibly could.

And then he makes an terrible mistake. He tells Jojo that he is in love with her. He is SUCH a girl.

Robbie gets the rose. Now THAT is a pity rose. How could she not give him the rose at that point? Cue the fireworks.

The cocktail party begins, and Derek takes the mean girls club (Alex, Jordan, Chase, maybe some other guys) aside right away to confront them. I applaud Derek for wanting to nip this in the bud, but he clearly never went to high school. Mean girls are always going to be mean girls.

Chris Harrison comes out and says that Jojo has made her decision. She knows who she wants, and who's ready to go home. There will be no cocktail party:

Rose Recipients: 
Jordan (one on one)
Derek (group date)
Robbie (one on one)

And the final rose goes to.... 


This was a hard night. Goodbye to Vinny, Grant, and Creepy Evan. None of those guys were able to get any last minute time with Jojo, and they really needed it.

Freaking A, all three guys teared up! What girls!

But the best part of the whole show were the previews for next week! Who does she fall in love with? Who does she send home, even though she's in love with him? Acckkk!

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Drama in the world

There's drama in the world.

People are shooting each other.

People are judging each other in the face of tragedy.

People are hating each other.


Why do we treat people this way?

I'm not saying we have to love everyone, or even like everyone.

But when did we start to think so little of the human soul that it became easier to destroy one than to tolerate one?

It makes me sad to think about the future.

My neighbors are all carrying guns.

Politicians are screaming for gun control.

I don't know what the right answer is.

I just want to live in a world where I don't have to worry that my children might be shot while walking to the park.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

May results and June goals

The Monthly Goals: a Goals Linky Party at My So-Called Chaos and A Peek at Karen's World
Another month down and I still don't have a lot to say, but that's ok!

*Lose three more pounds. Finally, a good month for weight loss! May 1: 241.1. June 1: 238.0. Whoo hoo! I've been working hard on the Lovely Diet Plan (which is essentially logging everything I eat and calorie counting).

*Create our summer bucket list. Done! The kids love creating this list every Summer. You can read about this year's list here.

*Create a You Tube Video for Bug. I still didn't get to this, and Bug hasn't been asking. Out of sight, out of mind.

*Go on a date without the kids. We went out not once, but twice! First we went to my girlfriend's 40 birthday party, and then the very next night, we went out to dinner with the other parents from BK's baseball team. A bit of a bummer that it wasn't spread out a little more, but at least we got out of the house!

And I also read two more books in May, making the total 23 for the year:

The Swan House by Elizabeth Musser

find it here 
This book was only ok to me, which is probably why it took almost the entire month to read it. It was about a young rich debutante named Mary Swan,  growing up in Atlanta in the 1960's. When her mother dies tragically, her housekeeper takes Mary Swan with her to volunteer at a soup kitchen on the other side of town. While there, Mary Swan questions everything about her society and the life she's always known.

So this was a book that's supposed to make you think and question the way people do things. It was about discrimination and segregation and the differences between the rich and the poor.  Not my cup of tea. I'd rather have a good love story.... so I was particularly annoyed when the book ended and we don't know if Mary Swan ended up with the guy (there is a sequel that answers this question, but I will not be reading it. You can read it and tell me what happens).

Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes by Denise Grover Swank

Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes (Rose Gardner Mystery, Book 1) by [Swank, Denise Grover]
find it here

I got this book because it was free, but what a cute story! This girl has always been a plain Jane outcast, but she's special because she can have visions of future events, but that makes you kind of creepy in a small town in Arkansas. So she's an outcast, but then one day she sees her own murder in a vision. She knows she's about to die, so she starts to really live for the first time in her life.

This book was the first in a series, and I liked it enough that I've already read the next three books so far in June! There's like 8 books in the series, so I'll have plenty of reading material this Summer!

Now, we're on to June!

* Lose 5 More Pounds. I'm on a roll, let's keep it up!

* Have a birthday party for BK. BK turns 7 in June. He already blew it, and can't have a party with all his friends (I guess I better write about that at some point). But he's still having a birthday, so he'll still have a party with the family, and I'll make it cute and fun. And bonus: I saved about $400 by not having it at the laser tag place like we were planning! #silverlining

* Build a relationship with the boss. I have a new boss, who just started on May 31st. I've only met him a couple of times, but my position works very closely with him, so June will be spent getting to know each other, how we tick, all that.

* Teach BK how to swim. We didn't join the swim team this year. Bug was at the point that she needed to start getting competitive, and she just wasn't feeling it. We decided to just stick to the HOA pool, so we could all enjoy it, and I could spend some one on one time with BK to get him to learn to swim. I'm not sure that we'll be able to accomplish this in June, but it's definitely one of our goals for the summer.

Happy Summer!

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