Monday, April 4, 2016

March results and April goals

March is in the books! How did it turn out for you?

End Basketball and start baseball. Success! Bug had a great finish. She wasn't the best on the team, but she made serious improvement from the beginning of the season. I told her at the beginning of the season that I  only ask that she try each game, and she did! She put in great effort every game.

Now we're eating, breathing, and sleeping baseball. BK is kind of awesome, and went up a level this year. He's the youngest player on the team, but he's holding his own! He scored two runs on his first game, and we ended up winning 9 to 3. Go Yankees!

Lose 5 more pounds. March 1st: 238.9. March 31st: 242.3. Yikes! Too many Cadbury eggs!

Read 3 more books. Nailed it again! I read 6 more books in March, putting me at 18 all together for the year:

Legend by Marie Lu.

buy it here
This book was on my kindle for over a year before I actually started reading it this month. When I purchased it, I thought it was the book that became the movie with the same name starring Will Smith. It's not. Still, it was was moderately entertaining. It's the first book in a series, I probably won't purchase another the next book.

Royal Date by Sariah Wilson

buy it here 
I think this one was free. It was a predictable,  cute little romance, with the typical misunderstandings that couples must go through before they live happily ever after. This was a stand alone book (I think) but there are other books that will follow the stories of some of the other characters. I may or may not be purchasing the other books. To be determined.

The Tumor by John Grisham.

buy it here 

This is not a real book, so I hesitate to even bring it up. It was described as a non legal thriller. Ok, I'm game. But really it's about ultrasound technology, and how it's going to revolutionize cancer treatment in the future, and he's financially endorsing the practice. It's basically an advertisement for the product. Well written, but not really my cup of tea.

The Revenant by Michael Punke.

buy it here
The Agent read this book and seemed to like it, and we hadn't seen the movie yet, so I decided to give it a shot. It was pretty good. It's about a man who was attacked by a bear and was left in the wilderness to die by his comrades. The book is more about the victim's quest for revenge from the men who left him to die. This was probably the most intellectual book I've read this year.... which is probably also why it took me two weeks to read when I can usually get through a book in two days.

Close to Home by Megan Nugen Isabell

buy it here
You might remember that I read the first 5 books of this series in January. When I found out that there was a 6th book, I picked it up right away. This was an easy beach read, as entertaining as the previous ones, but I have to say I was more than a little annoyed with some of the choices the main character made. Greedy girl! I will be buying the next book in the series.... when it comes out. I hope it doesn't take too long-- I have a terrible memory, and if I can't remember what happened in the first book, I probably won't be buying the next one.

Wreckage by Emily Bleeker

buy it here
This is probably my favorite book of the year so far. It's about two people who survive a plane crash, and live for two years on a deserted island before they are rescued. It's about their feelings before, during, and after their time on the island. There are a lot of flashbacks, but it's still easy to follow. I felt for the main characters' dilemma, but I was annoyed that there was one plot hole that I needed more info on. Still, I would recommend this one! 

Donate 4 bags of "stuff." Done, and then some! I meant to take a picture and then I forgot, like the big goof I am. But we ended up donating 4 bags of clothes, a bag of tupperware, a box of old toys, and a guitar. 

Go to the library. Score! It was a little sad that I had to schedule time to fit this in, but at least we got it done!

Have an awesome Spring Break! I had a week off with the babies for spring break, and The Agent had to go to Chicago for work, so it was just the three of us for most of the week. We packed in as much fun as we could! We decorated Easter eggs, toured the Jelly Belly factory, went to the library, and went hiking along the Cosumnes River. Good times!

Now, here's what's in store for April:

* File taxes. I can't believe we haven't done this yet.

* Write a short story. My writing has really taken a back seat lately, but I have an idea that is playing around in my head.

* Help Bug make a You Tube video. Bug has serious love for Rosanna Pansino, who hosts Nerdy Nummies on You Tube. Even I got a little star struck when she "liked"  my Instagram photo of one of the creations Bug made from her cookbook. Now Bug has it in her head that she wants to start her own web series, so I told her I would help her with it.

* Lose three pounds. Time to get serious now. Summer is almost here and The Agent is going to expect me to walk around in shorts. But since I haven't been able to lose 5 pounds, I better start off a little smaller and only try to lose three.

That's it! Make it a great month!

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Monday, March 28, 2016

How I'm becoming happier by not caring

I've been trying to write a post about my mother for the last two days, but that's just not happening. So sorry, guess I won't be linking up with Let's Talk this month.

I've been thinking about who I am lately. I want to be the girl who doesn't care what anyone thinks. I'm not that girl, not by a long shot. Always in the back of my head, I'm thinking two thoughts: Please don't be mad at me. Please love me.

But I am making progress. I am learning what makes me happy, and what I don't have time to dwell on. I think I realized this when I tried to start writing about my mother. And I didn't really have anything to say.

I haven't spoken to her since Christmas. She didn't even send a card for Bug's birthday.  And I don't care, because it took trying to write a blog post about her to even realize that she wasn't calling me, and I wasn't calling her.

I don't wish her ill, so I hope she's ok. I just don't have time to worry about it. I wish we had a better relationship, but we don't.

I'm also starting to not care what anyone thinks about my parenting skills (or lack thereof). I'm a yeller. I get it. I have tried not to yell, I have told the children that I don't want to yell, but there are sometimes moments when I feel like they are not hearing me unless I raise my voice. I wish they listened the first time, but that doesn't always happen.  So you might hear me yell. Don't like it? Maybe you should take them for the afternoon and tell me what the secret is. Have fun.

I will say that I am a much better parent when I'm only with one of them. A neighbor caught me walking through Target as I was in a deep conversation with BK about the best Pokemon cards. I felt like mom of the year. It's the little things.

And I'm finally starting to not care about what people think of me at work. This is a hard one, because I have to see these people every day. And it's also hard, because some of those people think they're still in high school, and they'll friend or defriend you at the drop of a hat. But then I starting thinking, how awkward is it for these same people to decide that they need something from me after all and try to friend me again? I think it's kind of funny when I get a friend request, and I know we were friends last month, because I saw the photos of your parakeet that you insist on posting every 20 minutes (FYI-- we're at work. You sit 20 feet away from me. You are not with the damn bird right now, so stop posting pictures, acting like you're feeding him a treat right now).

And by the way, I might have friended you again, but I'm still in charge of the vacation calendar and you still can't have Christmas off, so I guess I'll be unfriended again next week.

So, those are the three things that I'm trying not to care about, at least not this week. What do you not care about?

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Why I'm shopping for a new dentist

Ugh. I have dental issues.

I've been toying with the idea of getting braces for awhile now. I've always had relatively straight teeth, but then after I got pregnant, something funky happened. Now one of my front teeth pokes way out compared to other one. My son is constantly telling me that I have a loose tooth (I guess he thinks it's about to fall out???). Please don't take a close up picture of my smile.

So, I went to the dentist and said I wanted braces. They said they would be happy to take my money, but I needed to go to the periodontist first. I have bad gums, and it would be silly to spend a thousand dollars on straight teeth when they're going fall out of my bad gum head anyway.

So, I made an appointment with the periodontist. But then, I was eating a breakfast burrito, of all things, and I broke a tooth. Son of a--! So, I had to go to the dentist for a consult, and they recommended a crown. They said I could come in a month later, on the same same day as my periodontist appointment, and I could do everything all at once. My out of pocket would be $269.  Ugh. More than I care to give the dentist, but it couldn't be helped. And I was happy that I could do everything all at once.

A month went by. Then dentist called me yesterday, to confirm my appointment today. "I'll be there," I said. "What's my out of pocket again?"

The answer: $950.

Excuse me? That's total, right? Not my out of pocket?

Nope. My share was $950. And I have really good insurance.

I told the person on the phone that I was told the amount would be less than $300, is there a mistake?

No mistake. Please pay $950 at the door.

It's highway robbery to expect me to pay $950 on a tooth that you can't see and doesn't hurt. I cancelled the appointment for the crown and said that I would just go to the periodontist appointment.

"No, we cancelled that appointment so we could get your crown in. We have you listed on call in case there was time in his schedule, but he's booked pretty solid."

More yelling on my part, but there wasn't anything that could be done. I asked for the next available appointment with the periodontist.



I told them they've lost their minds and hung up.

But at least I don't have to take a Xanax today.

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Monday, March 14, 2016


I'm writing this on my kindle tonight, so it might be a bit difficult! No pics today, since that's really beyond my level of talent!

If you remember, been told both Lauren and Joni that he loves them. That he's in love with them. Oh my. Quite the pickle for poor Ben.  But even worse, been days he's ready to marry the ultimate girl he picks tonight, and Chris Harrison is holding him to that. Both girls' parents are there, Ben's parents are there, and Neil Lane has the wedding bands.

Fyi, Ben picked the girl like three months ago.  The family already knows who he picked. So for one set of parents, this is just a free trip. And for the other set, is that really how you want to get married?

The girls meet Ben's parents today, and Lauren is the first up. Lauren was sweet and well spoken, and she asked genuine questions about how she can help been through hard times in the future.

And Lauren spent an unusually long time holding hands with Ben's mom.

Lauren and Ben exchange smootches and "I love yous" and then she's off. As soon as Lauren's car speed away, jojo pulled up (ok, maybe it was the next day). Jojo is a sweet little thing. She's so nervous, and its really cute. This is a side of jojo I've never seen before. She's more emotional than Lauren was, and she's more vulnerable with her feelings.

Jojo and Ben exchange more smootches and more "I love yous" and she leaves.

Ben's mama lectures him a bit. You can't go around loving two girls. You are not a polygamist, and this is not big love. Choose a girl.

After meeting the parents, Ben gets to spend one final day with each girl. Lauren is first, but Ben is obviously a million miles away. Been admits that everything with Lauren is perfect, and his world, if something is too good to be true, there's a problem. They haven't been tested. They haven't had hard times.

Lauren is emotional in the evening. She knows that Ben is freaking out, but he says he loves her, so she's trying not to read too much into it.

Ben tells her that no matter what happens, she's made him a better person. And that's when she knows: he loves her, but he's in love with jojo, too.

Lauren is worried that she just Ben say he loves her for the last time. So heart breaking.

Jojo gets to spend the last day with Ben. She is not as elegant and perfect as Lauren, but she's more....normal. every day.

Ben admits that he's having confusion about who to pick. She had thought they were on the same page, but they're clearly not, because she's confident in her feelings and he's not. She loves him more than he loves her.

But jojo came to play. She looks smokin' hot for the evening portion of the date. But Ben is more honest with jojo than he was with Lauren. He said both relationships are awesome. He keeps looking for something in either relationship to make it easier to choose, but there's nothing. He lives them both. Simple.

He says he loves her.... but he loves Lauren too. She thought their love was special.... but it's not.

Ben says he's lost right now. Yeah, dude. You are lost.

Ben woke up hoping for some kind of clarity, and there was none... but thank goodness for Neil Lane, because when Ben saw the rings, he just knew. He knew who he was going to propose to.

The girls get ready  (Lauren in an elegant blue gown, jojo in sexy gravity defying pink sequined number) and each have a helicopter take them to the location to wear Ben will first break someone's heart, then rode off into the sunset with the other girl.

Statistically, the first girl Ben talks to is the girls he dumps.

Oh no. Jojo arrives first. That girl is going to need some serious therapy.

Ben promised not to blindside her.... oh, man. He lied.

She should stop talking right now. Can't she tell by his face?

He tells jojo he loves her.... but he loves Lauren more. It never went wrong.... it was just more right with Lauren.

Tears all around.

Now, finally, it's Lauren's turn.

But first, he has to call Lauren's dad. He asks for his daughter's hand in marriage, and daddy accepts.

And then Ben does a cute little fist pump.

But Lauren doesn't know any of this... yet.

But it's ok. He asked. She said yes.

And then there was the after the final rose ceremony. He still loves her. She loves him. Rainbows and unicorns.

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Go Fund Yourself

I usually write a recap of my weekend or week on Mondays, but I've been sick all week and I'm really not feeling it. Instead, I'm going to talk about Go Fund Me.

For those who don't know, Go Fund Me is a website that will post your request for charity, you share the story with family and friends, and Go Fund Me will accept donations on your behalf. For this service, Go Fund Me charges 7.9% of the total funds collected, plus an additional 30 cents per donation.

I can see how this would be useful in life. I knew a couple who tragically died in a car accident last year, leaving behind three children. A Go Fund Me account was established, and I donated. I could also see its use if a house was demolished in a fire or hurricane, some kind of natural disaster that was unavoidable.

But I have a problem with people asking for money to help finance their own life choices. The girl who wants to go to Brazil for her 30th birthday. The guy who wants to get his fiancee the engagement ring of her dreams. The couple who wants to adopt a baby from China.

(note that I have nothing against adopting a baby from China, but if you can't afford it on your own, perhaps you should make another plan)

I don't know, I just feel like this is a cop out. If you want something, work for it. I am discouraged by this mentality people have these days that people will give them whatever they want if they just ask for it. I don't understand why people can't just work for what they want, and be happy with what they have, instead of asking for more.


I wanted a nice engagement ring, but it was more important to find a nice guy. 

I wanted to a adopt a baby, and it was free to adopt a child who needed a family from my my own county (actually, I get a check every month-- email me if you have adoption in your heart and I can give you details). 

 The Agent told me when we got married that he wanted 6 kids. We only have two because kids are expensive. I would not ask anyone to financially support my decision to have more children (plus, they're exhausting. I couldn't handle a third child).

No, I didn't go to Brazil for my 30th birthday. I stayed home and had a house party with my friends. And it was awesome, and mostly free.

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Monday, March 7, 2016

the WTA

I wasn't going to write about the Women Tell All, because it's all the same ol' thing from the girls that had been rejected. But there was just SO much drama! To recap....

  • Tiara brought her friggin' chicken with her. 
  • Jubilee played the race card, saying she was the only fully black girl there. 
  • A dude-- a total random stranger-- had a tattoo of Lace put on his chest. For real. 

  • Olivia is kind of a B, but she got her feelings hurt that her breath was bad and her toes were fugly. Chris, can we please pan down to her toes? 
  • Caila is still in love (but I have a feeling she'll be over it in time for the announcement of the new Bachelorette)
  • All the girls have hope that there are still good guys out there after meeting Ben. 
  • Ben would marry his girl tomorrow if he could. 
Who is it going to be? Lauren or Jojo? My money's on Lauren-- when you tear up when you start to talk about how you feel, you kinda know she's the one. But how is  Ben going to get over that pesky business of dropping the L Word to both girls? Come back next week! 

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February recap and goals for march

1. Lose 5 pounds. On February 1st, I was 239.9. One March 1st. I weighed 238.9. Only one pound. Sad face.

2. Read 3 more books. Another good reading month! I read 4 books in February:

Long Time Coming by Edie Claire. This one was ok. Not spectacular, but not terrible. The writing was pretty good, but I'm not one who enjoys the paranormal. I had guessed a couple of plot twists way before they were revealed, but there was at least one that took me by surprise.

The New Girl by Tracie Puckett. I did not like this book at all. Like not even a little bit. Forget the fact that it was incredibly short-- the first three or even four books of this series could be combined to make one decent sized book. But the message was very discouraging. A minor who falls in love with her teacher? And the teacher has feelings in return? Why is this man not in jail? Nothing actually happens, but still... not an appropriate message. I'm glad it was free.

A Family Affair by Mary Campisi. I can't remember why I started reading this book. Maybe it was free? That's usually how I come across authors I've never read before. This one was moderately entertaining. A very wealthy man dies unexpectedly, and his rich family learns that he had a second entirely different family, one that accepted that they could only spend 4 days a month with this man.. The question became: who was his real family? Who held his heart?

This book was good enough that I purchased the second book in the series. It wasn't as good, but it continues to follow the path of the two families as their lives intersect. It's called A Family Affair: Spring. 

3. Design and make cute Valentines for the kids to pass out. Done! I pulled a free printable off of Pinterest and made these cute ring pop valentines for BK:

Bug was a bit harder, but we designed hers ourselves and she stuck two Hershey Kisses to the back:

4. Throw a fabulous party for Bug. This was a success! I need to do a recap of it, but here's a pic of the girls, as they were getting ready to watch a movie. They had thought all of them could fit on the air mattress at once, but it wasn't comfortable, so they ended up ditching the mattress and all sleeping on the floor in a mass of blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, and girls. Good times.

Now on to March Madness!

End Basketball and start baseball. The last basketball game is March 5th, and opening day of baseball is a week later. This is easy enough.

Lose 5 more pounds. You would not think it would be so hard to lose 5 pounds.

Read 3 more books. Suggestions?

Donate 4 bags of "stuff." I probably can donate more, but I'm going to start out small. I'm just hoping that by donating 4 bags of stuff, I can get slightly more organized.

Go to the library. You would not think I would need to make this a goal, but there simply aren't enough hours in the day. Maybe if I make it a goal, we'll actually go.

Have an awesome Spring Break! The babies have two weeks off, and I'll be spending one of those weeks home with them. Any ideas to make it awesome?

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