Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Better late than never

Remember when we went to Mexico? I know, it feels like it was a hundred years ago to me, too. It's hard to believe we were there only 3 months ago. I'm ready to go back!

While we were in Mexico, I bought postcards to mail to my parents and I also bought one to send home, so we could have a souvenir with the Mexico postmark.

I bought the postcards on the ship, but I wanted to mail them in Mexico, for the postmark. I figured I could find a mailbox on any street corner.

Ummm, no. Apparently the people of Mexico do not believe in mailboxes. I couldn't find a single one.

Finally, I popped in to the lobby of what looked like a nice resort. "Can I drop these in your mailbox?" I asked at the concierge desk.

"Sorry, Senora," the man answered, "We don't have a mailbox."

Really. Of course. Because hotels don't get mail.

The man brightened. "But I will mail them for you."

"You will? That's fantastic! Thank you!!!!"

I skipped back to the boat, confident that I was going to come home to the most awesome souvenir ever.

Can you imagine my disappointment when we came home and there was not a postcard waiting for me? My parents didn't get anything, either. What the heck? Did that hotel guy throw my postcards away? What a rip off!

I was upset, but I got over it. I mean, they were only like 35 cents. No huge loss.

Then, three days ago, I got a surprise in the mailbox:

My postcard! Umm, from.... Albuquerque. New Mexico, not Mexico.

How the heck did it get there? And why did it take so freakin' long?

I suspect that the mail in Mexico is transported by burro.

Mama’s Losin’ It

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Catch up

A few items of business that I needed to catch up on....

Haiku Monday: 

I had named karl the winner, and he in turn chose the topic of Spring. I wasn't really feeling the creative juices flowing this week, but I've never let that stop me before. This is what I wrote:

Teachers need a break
The children can’t concentrate
How many days left?

Not too hot or cold
For California, springtime
Only lasts three days.

I'm on the fence about whether or not I will continue on the haiku Monday train. Maybe I'll just write for fun, and post them here, but not submit them. To be determined.


I hope every one had a wonderful Easter! My season of Lent was.... OK. I did not collect 40 bags of stuff to donate. I think I have 8. Plus, I threw away 3 bags of garbage junk that no one in their right mind would want, so I'll go with 11. I didn't get to the kitchen, the bathrooms, or the master bedroom, so I'm sure I could have collected more bags, but really life got in the way. Still, 11 bags is better than 0! Maybe I'll try to get to 40 bags by the end of the year.

I was originally going to donate the bags, but our town is having a city-wide rummage sale in a couple of weeks, and my parents rented a space, so I  think I'll hang out with them and sell the stuff, and then donate the money, and donate whatever I don't sell. Again, to be determined.

My sister and mother: 

I can't even remember the last time I wrote about Kari and my mother! I've been kinda distancing myself from them , to be perfectly honest. But they're still around. My sister is taking classes to become a nursing assistant, so I'm really happy about that. My niece is four and my nephew just turned two. They totally bring on the cuteness. Kari's relationship with the baby daddy is still on again, off again. Lame.

My mother is.... okay. I mean, honestly, I haven't seen her since October, and I've only spoken to her a handful of times. The kids still have Christmas presents that I bought them but haven't given them. So much time has passed, I might as well re-gift them.  I sent my nephew a birthday card with a gift card in it, but they didn't acknowledge that they received it, and I didn't call on his birthday. I guess I'm a little butt hurt, because I invited them to Bug's birthday party and they didn't come, didn't even call. Whatever. We both have issues.

Every Family Has That One Crazy Motivational Love Quotes

I think that's all I need to catch up on.... is there anything else I wrote about once upon a time that you've been waiting for me to update you on?

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Morning Moo! :)

It's been a couple of weeks since I've posted Monday Morning Moo. Luckily, I have good news to share. 

Starting weight: 226.0
last week: 226.4
this week: 221.5
total pounds lost in 2014: 4.5

FINALLY we're going in the right direction! Let me tell you what happened. I was going to the gym at least 3 days a week, but I really wasn't watching what I was eating. I figured I was going to the gym and working out, so I deserve to eat a cheeseburger  or a cupcake, right? 

Ummm, no. My body does not work like that. I have to watch what I eat. 

And I was having a cocktail every night, and that certainly wasn't helping. 

The scale reached 230, and I knew I needed to buckle down. 

Diet Motivation

So, this is what I decided. I would still go to the gym 3 days a week. And I would log everything I ate. Once I started logging, I realized that the calories in a Strawberita (199!) just wasn't worth it. I also learned that cheese on a sandwich and cream in my coffee is highly overrated. 

I also quickly  realized something else that should have been a no brainer: I get to eat more on the days I go to the gym, because I burned more calories. Duh! I'd much rather get up an hour earlier and go to the gym and get to eat another 400 calories later in the day, than sleep an extra hour and be hungry. I started going to the gym 5 days a week.

You see I'm very motivated by food. 

Nothing Tastes as Good as being skinny feels

My first thought was that I would work hard logging everything and eating right Monday through Friday, and then eat whatever I want on the weekend, kind of like a reward. But after working hard all week, did I really want to blow it all in a weekend, and then have to start all over again on Monday? That didn't seem very smart. So I still eat what I want on the weekend, but I try to moderate. I can have a glass of wine with dinner on Saturday, I don't need three glasses. I can have a cookie with lunch, but I don't need seven (but, with my addiction to food, sometimes it's easier not even to have the first one. That's something I'm still working on!). 

So, I don't know how long I can keep this up, but it's working so far! And, when i lost the weight before, I did it by being religious about my logging (I didn't work out before, so maybe I'll lose the weight even faster now!)

commitment - diet motivation
All graphics came from

Wish me luck!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Something For Myself!

I don't buy a whole lot of stuff for myself.  I'll buy stuff for the kids, but when it comes to gifts for myself, I often shortchange myself. But here are a few things that I've bought lately...

This "leather" Jacket from Target:

Xhilaration® Junior's Faux Leather Bomber Jacket -Assorted Colors

Isn't it cute? And only $40! No, of course it's not real leather. I am not disturbed by such silly details.

These flip flops from Tommy Hilfiger:

TOMMY HILFIGER- Womens FLORAL Blue Flip Flops Thongs Size 10 M Sandals Shoes

I bought these cuties at Ross, which explains why the only photo I can find of them is on ebay. FYI, don't spend $20 on these from ebay. Go to Ross, I don't think I paid more than $10.

But this has been my favorite purchase lately. These chips from Kashi:

Get up close and personal with Kashi™ Hummus Crisp Sea Salt & Olive Oil

Holy Cannoli, these are good! I have been trying really hard to watch what I eat, but sometimes I need a little snacks. These chips are great! You get 27 for only 120 calories! Sweet Heaven! The only problem is that the bag is only 3.5 servings-- and that last half a serving is mostly  just crunched up crumbs.

So, what have you been buying for yourself lately?

Mama’s Losin’ It

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter

Thankfully, Bug is only 8. But it's never too soon to plan ahead! So here, I've noted the ten most important dating rules.... that I will someday enforce. When she's like 23.

1. You are no more than a year older than her. There's not going to be any freshman-senior romances here. You will be her age or a year older. And I'm really being generous with the year older thing.

2. I have met you before. And preferably I've met your mama, too.

3. You will park your vehicle, walk up to the door, knock, and make small talk with her father. If you sit out front honking on your horn expecting my Bug to coming running out to you, you're going to be waiting a long time.

4. You will not call for a Friday night date on Friday afternoon. Bug needs at least a 24 hour notice. Any sooner would leave us to believe that your first choice cancelled on you.


5. You will give me your cell phone number. And I will test it before you leave so I know it works.

6. You will be a gentleman. You will open every door for her. You will listen attentively to everything she says. You will compliment her beauty and wit. Repeatedly.

7. You will expect nothing from her.

8. You will get her home on time. If I say she needs to be home at midnight, you will not pull up at 12:15. You will pull up at 11:45.

9. You will walk her to the front door. You may give her a kiss on the porch-- I'm not a total prude-- but you will not have a full make out session. And know that I will be watching you. And so will her father. With a shotgun in his hands.

10. You will call the next day. I don't really care if you had a good time or not. You don't need to ask her out again. Just call, say you had a nice time, hope to do it again some time.

What do you think... too much? Did I miss any that are super important? What would you add to the list?

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Haiku Monday Winner!

I had a lot of fun judging Haiku Monday!

SOME people  (not mentioning any names! :) ) implied that I was doing it wrong. I don't even care! I'm the boss around here! I make the rules!

It was super hard to judge. The Haiku Monday people have some amazing talent. I decided to narrow it down to three: 

The second place winner is Serendipity:

Trouble stalks prairie.
Interspecific contest.
Rapier bill wins!

Go to his website. His picture and explanation add to the meaning. Beautiful! 

The first runner up is Becca

tall, dark, good looking
eyes of ocean blue, smile sweet  
heart not cautious, broke

You know I'm a sucker for dark hair and light eyes. Drool. 

And now for the grand prize winner! It goes to Karl

When it hits the fan
One clear of mind, quick to act
Will likely prevail

I love that this completely embodies the theme without flat-out saying what the theme is. Love it! 

Go to Karl's blog to congratulate him and to see what his topic is for the next haiku Monday! 

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The D Word

For the last three years, Bugs has had a major crush on Tony, a boy at her school. I've written about him here and here and even mentioned him here.

The other day, Bug and I were driving home and she asked, "Mom, what exactly is DIVORCE?"

God bless her that she has lived eight years and has not heard this term yet.

"Well, it means when two people were married, and they decide they don't want to be married anymore and they want to live apart, that's a divorce. Why, where did you hear that?"

"I asked Tony why he didn't come to David's party last week, and he said he was staying with his dad. I said, 'So, I stay with my dad every day,' and he said his parents were DIVORCED and it means that they don't love each other anymore."

"Well, I suppose that's true, to a degree."

"So, where does Tony sleep at night?"

"I'm guessing he probably spends some time with his mom and some time with his dad. That's probably why he couldn't come to the party. If I only got to see you on the weekends, I probably wouldn't want to give you up for three hours so you could go to a party."

Bug thought about this for a moment. "But where does Tony live?"

"I don't know, Baby. Somewhere in town, I'm sure. But I don't really know his mom, so I don't know where she lives, and I don't think I've ever even met his dad. Poor thing. It's got to be hard for Tony."

"Why would it be hard for him?"

"Well, think about it. He has to travel back and forth between his parents' houses, probably never knowing for sure where he's going to be the next night. And doesn't he have a little brother, like BK's age? Poor thing, he probably doesn't even understand."

Bug was silent for a bit. "Mommy?"

"Yes, Baby?"

"Are you and Daddy going to get DIVORCED?"

"Oh, no. Dad and I love each other very much."

Plus, no one could possibly ever put up with his crap the way I do.


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