Thursday, September 18, 2014

Travel Plans That Go Awry

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We are all very stressed at my office right now, but for once it's not actually about work.

One of my coworkers is getting married in November. He's having a destination wedding, and his fiance went to the wedding site last weekend to make everything was in order. She left my coworker at home, with their two young kids under four.

Their wedding was going to be in Cabo San Lucas.  But then category 3 Hurricane Odile touched down on Sunday afternoon, right on the day she was supposed to come home.

I was on this beach 8 months ago. 

On Monday, we know she was ok. She was going to be stranded there for who knows how long, but she was safe and the hotel staff was very kind to her.

But my coworker hasn't been able to get in touch with her since then. He has lost all communication with her. No phone, no internet, and my coworker can't get through to the hotel, either.

The poor guy is beyond stressed. He didn't come in to work at all on Tuesday. He came in for a few hours yesterday, but he wasn't doing anyone any good by being there. And it was so heartbreaking to watch him. It was like he was walking through a fog. He was there, but it was obvious that he so wasn't there at all. His boss sent him home after two hours.

We have no reason to think that anything happened to her. She's probably just stuck in the hotel, with communication lines down. Or maybe she lost her phone charger. But still. The whole point is that he doesn't know.

We all pray she gets safely home soon.

Mama’s Losin’ It

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

mom of the year

I've been trying to cut the cord with the kids a bit. They're 8 and 5, so I don't really need to be the helicopter parent that I once was.

I was at Jo-ann's with the kids the other day, and we had just gotten in line when BK announced that he had to go to the bathroom. Of course.

The line was too long, and I never thought he'd make it, so I asked Bug to take BK to the bathroom. "Walk him to the bathroom, wait outside for him, and then come back," I warned. Bug was excited to have this new responsibility, and happily trotted off with BK.

I was still in line when I saw BK walking towards me, alone and crying. "C'mere, Baby," I said. "What happened?"

"I was alone and couldn't find you!" BK cried.

I calmed BK down and waited for Bug to return. I wasn't worried. It's not like it was the mall. I don't know, how is different from leaving them alone at school every day? I figured Bug had gotten distracted by something shiny.

We were almost to the front of the line when I caught a glimpse of Bug. She was still standing by the bathrooms. She was pacing and looking towards where I standing in line. She looked nervous. I smiled. Cute kid.

When it was my turn to pay, I asked the cashier if she could page my daughter. "Bug, please come up to the front register," the checker said into the loud speaker. "Your mother is waiting for you."

Bug came up to me in full panic mode, sobbing. "Mom! I don't know where he went! I was waiting for him, and I can't find him! Help!"

"Bug, it's ok," I soothed. "BK is here with me."

And then she REALLY started crying. "I was so worried, and I knew you were going to be so mad!"

"It's fine now, it's ok. But what happened? How come you didn't see him walk out of the bathroom?"

It turns out that Bug needed to go to the bathroom,  too. So when she came out of the bathroom and saw that BK wasn't outside, she figured he was still in there, so she waited. Meanwhile, BK must have gotten out while she was still in there, and made his way to me.

"Well, it's all ok, so let's go home. We've caused enough drama here today."

Bug took a deep breath and tried to stop crying. "Can I say goodbye to Miss Diane first?"

"Miss Diane? Who the heck is that?"

And then I looked up, and into the judging eyes of the church children's director.


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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Working With Friends

After over two years of trying, one of my closest girlfriends finally got a job with my company. She starts working in my office next Monday.

I am very nervous, for many reasons:

She's going to hate the job, and by extension, hate me.
She's going to decide this isn't the job for her, but she won't have her previous job to go back to.
She's going to make friends with everyone in the office and won't like me best.
She's going to be the total B of the office and everyone will hate her.
Things are going to change, and I don't do well with change.

But most of all:

She's going to find out that I've talked about her over the years to my other work friends.

Please tell me that I'm not the only one who does this. But I'll be at work, gabbing with my work friends, and I'll talk about what I did over the weekend. And I'll say something like, "My girlfriend came over. Her husband is a total jerk wad-- he's cheated on her three times, and they're on the verge of getting a divorce. She really needs a friend right now, so I had her over and we drank wine and vented about guys." You know, I never thought she would actually meet any of these people, and it's not like I was talking smack.  I was just talking about what I did over the weekend.

But now she's going to be working here, and it's not like everyone in the office knows, just two people. But still. I feel bad. I certainly wouldn't want to start a new job and have people already know my personal business, even if it's only two people.

How would you handle this situation? I'm having such anxiety over this. I hope I'm making a better deal about this than what it is.

Sigh. I need Ryan Gosling to make me feel better.

Thank you, Ryan. 

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Update

Another weekend in the books!

Friday is typically our pizza and movie night, but The Agent didn't feel like pizza, so we all got in the car and went to Chili's for dinner. They make fantastic guac, right at your table, so you know it's fresh! So good! It's a good thing I ate a lot of it, because the chicken enchiladas I ordered were NOT the best thing ever.

On Saturday, The Agent worked. Again. Let me tell you, I'm getting pretty of sick  of playing single parent every weekend! I guess I should be thankful for the extra money, but I am exhausted! I punished him by doing a whole lot of nothing all day.

When The Agent came home, we made plans to have dinner with my parents, so we met at a Mexican restaurant and had a chicken taco salad and a margarita (WAY better than Chili's. I'm not sure why I thought Chili's could make Mexican food).

On Sunday, I went shopping with my girlfriend. I was late leaving to go pick her up and this happened while I was backing out of the garage:


I put that out of my head and engaged in some retail therapy! It was 93 degrees outside, but the stores know that Fall is on the way, and I'm ready to get my leggings and Uggs out! I bought 4 sweaters, 3 shirts, 3 dresses, and a bunch of jewelry (oh, and three candles from Bath and Body Works). It sounds likes there's going to be a fashion show post in the future!

Meanwhile, The Agent and the kids stays home and did the grocery shopping for the week. Sweet!

Ready to tackle another week? Let's hit it! OH! I almost forgot! I lost weight this week! I'm down 20.5 pounds!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Living Alone and Loving It

The first time I moved out on my own, I had two roommates. They were both guys, but it was nothing romantic. We shared a house in the town where I was going to college. One guy owned the house, but he had to travel a lot for work. The other guy and I were going school and working, and the three of us never saw each other much. 

Two years later, I lived with the boyfriend that I had at the time. There's five years I'll never get back. He was not a nice person, and that was not a good time in my life. 

I didn't live on my own-- really, truly on my own-- until I was 25. That same boyfriend helped me pick out a cute two bedroom duplex ("we'll turn the extra room into the baby's room when you get pregnant,"), he helped me move in, and then proceeded to break up with me before I had even slept there one night. Thanks for nothing, Dude. 

But after my tears were dried, after I had unpacked all my belongings, put my pictures on the wall, and turned that second bedroom into my cat's personal play room, I realized that living alone was pretty awesome. The house was always exactly how I wanted it. I always got to have only the food I wanted in my refrigerator. If  wanted to sit in my living room in my underwear eating Cheetos, I could. I was so free. I was independent. I was alive. 

It is only after you realize that you can  take care of yourself that you're ready to take care of someone else. That was the house I was living in when, three years later, I met The Agent. And by then, I was ready to share my life with him instead of being alone.  


Mama’s Losin’ It

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52 in 52 update!

It's been a hard month. I have been so busy working on doing fun things with the kids that I haven't been able to work on my own list. But now that the kids are back in school, I can hopefully put a bit more focus on this.

 Red means I'm not even close to meeting the goal. Blue means I'm kinda sorta making the goal. Green means it was a success! Thank goodness there's less red-- I'm making progress!

1. Go to the gym 300 days. I've totally lost count. I went 5 days a week the first two weeks, then 4 days the 3rd week, a 1 day the 4th week.
2. Lose 30 pounds. 17.3/30-- I gained a bit of weight back
3. Log everything I eat least three times a week. I've slacked on this lately.
4. Drink at least 80 ounces of water a day. Success!
5. Be able to button all my "skinny girl" jeans getting closer-- I can fit in to all but two pairs.
6. Take a picture at least 10 days a month  Success! 
7. Donate 40 bags of stuff for Lent Lent is over, but I am still working on purging. 3 more bags gone!
8. Spend 1 day a month organizing the house. Success!
9. Yell less. I'm trying. 
10. Read 31 books. 14/31-- I read three books this month, but I still have  a lot of catching up to do!
11. Fix the utility closet. Success!
12. Donate to Good Will. Done!
13. Fly a kiteDone! 
14. Teach Bug to ride a bike. We've gone out twice, but she was really shaky, so I'm not quite ready to call this a success. 
15. Wear a bikini in public. no...  I still have one more trip planned for next month. 
16. Take BK to Chuck E. Cheese. Done!
17. Get a raise. Success!
18. Get a promotion. I really don't see this happening... but I did get a second raise, which is very unusual.
19. Plant flowers in the whiskey barrels. Done! 
20. Keep flowers alive until December. Come see me in December... but they're alive now!
21. Cut and color hair in April, August, and December. I went in February, and July, and I will go again in either November or December 
22. Get a pedicure every month from May through September. I did this in May - July. I missed August. 
23. Do something special for our tenth anniversary. Any ideas for this? It's this month!
24. Get a massage for Mother's Day. no
25. Host an adult party. not yet
26. Throw a birthday party for Bug. Success!
27. Throw a birthday party for BK. Success!
28. Clean the back door. Success!
29. Teach the Dumb Dog to use a leash. no
30. Teach BK to swim I don't think this is going to happen.  
31. Sign Bug up for the swim team Done!
32.  Hang pictures on the walls. Whoo hoo! We have officially hung not one, not two, but THREE pictures! It only took us three years... 
33. Have a blast on a cruise Success! 
34. Write one fictional piece at least once a month. 4/12 Super slacking on this. 
35. Clean the ashes out of the fire place. No
36.  Make an apron for Bug. No
37. Turn our backyard into a place I want to be. No
38. Work on having the house "popover guest" ready at all times. Success for this month!
39. Take the children to The City. No
40. Put a fire pit in the back yard. Done!
41. Take BK on a date. Done!
42. Take Bug on a date. Done! 
43. Take the children to the snow. Success!
44. Seriously organize the master bedroom. My laundry is hiding in here. 
45. Turn the second master closet into.... something better. On the list of things to do
46.  Turn our bedroom into a sexy oasis. Not really
47.  Enforce a chore system with the children Got one in place for Bug! 
48.  Open a bank account for Bug. no
49.  Give the children an allowance every week. We've been paying Bug every Sunday! I need to keep more cash on hand... 
50. Make the children start buying their own presents for friends out of allowance money no... The Agent and I are in disagreement over this. 
51. Make the children pick out and pay for a present for each other at birthdays and Christmas. Done for both! 
52. Write a new list of 52 things

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Christmas Shopping

Let's talk Christmas.

Hey, It's September 9th. There's only 107 days left. We might as well start talking about it.

In the past, I've done most of my shopping on Black  Friday, and I get anything I missed online or on a trip that I take to The City the first or second week in December. I am usually done two weeks before Christmas, and I use the remaining time to wrap and bake and enjoy the season in general.

But I've been reading a few blogs lately, where they're bragging that their Christmas shopping is nearly-- if not completely-- finished. Braggers.

I would love to have my Christmas shopping done right now. But how do you do it? Seriously, how?

I don't buy for a lot of people. Here's my list:

The Agent
Alice (my stepmother)
Lucky (my brother)
Alice's Mom
Alice's Dad
My niece
My nephew
BFF #1
BFF #2
BFF #3 (and this one is questionable)
Bug's teacher
BK's teacher
The two after school teachers

That's it. We're not ones to give presents to the neighbors and the garbage man and whatnot. The Agent doesn't talk to his family, and my Mom and Kari (my sister) refuse to accept presents. So Christmas shopping really isn't that difficult.

I could see being able to buy the teacher gifts early, and even the BFF's. But let's look at some of the other people. Let's say The Agent wants a new Bose speaker system. That's a pretty awesome gift, something that his hot wife would be more than happy to give. But there's still 107 days before Christmas. That's 107 days that The Agent could buy a Bose system all by himself. Or decide that he hates Bose. Or that he wants black instead of white.

Or maybe BK loves Lightning McQueen, so you buy these cool custom painted shoes:

Custom Boy's Canvas Slip On Shoes, Hand Painted, Birthday Gifts, Custom Designed
Aren't they cute? Go here to buy them! 

But what happens when BK decides next week that he likes TMNT instead of Cars? Or his feet grow three sizes?  You can't return a custom item, and even in the case of the Bose system, you can't return most items after 90 days. So, how do you get around these problems?

Now, I know that the biggest argument is going to be it's the thought that counts, It's better to give than receive, blah blah blah. I'm sorry, no. I am not made of money. When I buy something, I want it to be something they actually want or need, or alternatively, include a gift receipt.

And just so you know, this works both ways. I currently have $184 worth of clothes in my online shopping bag at Nordstrom. I could tell The Agent and my parents that I want these things for Christmas, but I don't want to wait!

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