Monday, January 30, 2017

Weigh in-- Week 4

Starting 1-1-17 weight: 239.8
Last week's weight: 224.9
Cruise Weight 190.8
Ultimate goal weight: 175
Weight loss this week: 1.9

Well, that's disappointing. Although 1.9 pounds lost in a week is definitely nice weight loss, I also weigh 1.4 pounds MORE than I weighed yesterday. I guess I had more to eat than I thought yesterday. Damn you, delicious posole.

But still. I was hoping to lose 20 pounds this first month. I didn't quite make it, but I was close! If I can lose 10 pounds a month from now on, I'll be very happy! I can still be swimsuit ready by the summer.

Which is a good thing, because my husband brought home a new (for him) boat yesterday. It's not a going-out-and-having-fun boat, it's a fishing boat (called a c-dory, for those who know about boats). My husband used to be an avid fisherman before we met, and he's been wanting to get back  in to it. I'm sure it will mostly be him on the boat, but  there will be many a weekend this summer when the whole family is on the water-- my son and my husband fishing, and me and my daughter lounging in the sun while reading!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Don't let me crash

Once upon a time, 6 years ago, I had a weight loss blog that I kept separately from what I called my "every day blog." It was very short lived, only three months. It was a pretty successful little blog, but I could couldn't keep up with writing in two blogs every other day, so I gave up on it.

I returned to it the other day, to look at what I had written before (some good stuff. I'll probably repost some of it here eventually). On the right side of the blog, I had listed several other weight loss blogs I enjoyed visiting. So my thought the other day was that I would go to their blogs, see how awesome and skinny they were, and invite them to come visit me here.

One blog had posted an entry an hour ago, but it was the first time he had posted in several months, and it was basically to say he had fallen off the wagon and gained a bunch of weight. One other person had posted something in August, a recipe that looked delicious but not particularly healthy. No one else had posted anything in the last year, and many blogs were shut down all together.

I find that very sad.

Weight loss is such a roller coaster. You do great, great, great... but it only takes one mistake to come crashing down.

I hope I don't crash. Will you help me?

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I want to be the only one

My husband went to the grocery store the other day, getting our groceries for the week. Part of the key to weight loss is planning ahead, so we make our menu for the week and then buy all the groceries at once.

As I was putting the groceries away, I noticed that he didn't buy the case of beer that he normally buys each week. "Hey Babe, where's your 805?" I asked.

My husband informed me that he decided to quit drinking. "You're trying to lose weight, and I support you," he said. "You've been working hard, so I wanted to try, too."

I don't know why, but this kind of upsets me.

I love that he supports me. But I'm doing so well, and now he's going to stop drinking beer and probably lose 20 pounds in one weekend. I don't know why this is so bothersome to me. Why can't we both ose weight? Why can't we both be successful?

I don't know, but we can't. I want to be the only successful one.

This makes me want to eat a whole can of Pringles.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Weigh in-- Week 3

Starting 1-1-17 weight: 239.8
Last week's weight: 227.2
Cruise Weight 190.8
Ultimate goal weight: 175
Weight loss this week: 2.3

The weight loss is slowing down. I wanted to lose 4 pounds this week hand I only lost 2...  but 2 pounds is still pretty good!

It's hard to believe that it's only been three weeks-- sometimes it feels like 3 months! But I'm chugging along, logging my food and making smart food choices. It's a little sad when a handful of almonds is considered a treat! But this girl has a can of almonds in her desk drawer right now! When everyone else is eating donuts, I'm chewing on some lightly salted blue diamond almonds!

I also got in some slight exercise this week-- I went out dancing with my girlfriend on Friday night. I had a blast! I'm not coordinated at all, but I love to dance! Maybe I'll look for a dance video to work out to-- that would be fun!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Eating Dinner at Someone Else's House

We went to my parents' house last night for my stepmother's birthday. This was the first time we had seen them since Christmas.

They didn't know that I was trying to lose weight, nor did they notice that I had lost any. But that's ok. I'm so tall, that you really can't tell I've lost anything until at least 20 pounds.

Because this was my stepmother's birthday, she got to choose the menu. She chose spaghetti, chicken with a creamy mushroom sauce, and an ice cream cake with red velvet cake and chocolate ice cream.

I needed to eat, and I couldn't bring my own food. So, what do you do when you're eating at someone else's house  and you're at their mercy? Here's what I did:

* I filled up on salad. My grandmother always makes a salad with every meal, and it usually goes untouched. I filled my plate with lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, and all the other yummy ingredients in the salad. No dressing needed-- the avocado had enough fat to break down the lettuce.

* I kept my water glass filled. My family must think I am a huge drinker. My grandfather had a glass of champagne waiting for me when I arrived. That was ok, I had planned to have one glass, and I had budgeted that in to my day. But 30 minutes later, my father wondered why I hadn't refilled my glass. Then my stepmother wanted to give me a glass of wine at dinner. When I said no thank you, my grandfather accused me of being a "fuddy duddy." But I kept my water glass filled at all times and sipped and was a lot easier to pass on a second glass that way.

* I had a little of everything. I'm not rude. If my grandmother spends all afternoon making spaghetti and meat sauce, you better believe I'm going to eat some. But nobody said I had to eat all of it! I had a serving spoon full of spaghetti, half a chicken breast (with the delicious mushroom cream sauce), and a whole lost of salad. I probably had half of what the other adults had, but it was still enough to satisfy me.

* I enjoyed dessert. Did you think I wasn't going to have a piece of birthday cake? Most of the time, I don't even LIKE sweets. I'm more of a salty Pringles girl. But it was a party, and I had a small slice. It was the best ice cream cake I had ever had.

So that was how I enjoyed my evening, without any guilt!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Four Days

Today is day 17 as I write this. For 17 days, I have not "cheated." No coffee, no soda, no sweets. Yes, I've had a little alcohol, and a few slices of bread, but it's been in extreme moderation. I've logged every single thing I've put in my mouth, and I've never gone over my daily calorie allotment. I am a success story.

But here's the thing.

It's been 4 days since I've lost any weight.

Although I only tell YOU what I weigh once a week, I weigh myself every single day. I like to see the daily progress I've made, and I like to see if I need to adjust my eating at all.

I know that the experts warn you against this, and say you should only weigh yourself once a week. I don't care.

I don't think I can possibly eat any healthier than I am now. I mean, it's POSSIBLE to eat healthier, but I'm at my personal limit. I deserve a medal for the level of restraint I've shown so far. I had a meeting at work and they brought in pizza-- I didn't have a single slice. I went to a tea party with my daughter last week with desserts coming out of my ears-- no thank you. not even one. I am kind of amazing.

Some experts believe you shouldn't deprive yourself of these things as long as you indulge in moderation. I'll indulge when I'm not 50 pounds overweight. Maybe when I hit 20 pounds lost, I'll reward myself with a small treat. Maybe.

I also cannot eat any less than I am right now. I need to survive, I need to remain strong and healthy. Eating less than I am now would counteract that.

(anyone interested can go to and look up my profile to see what I'm eating. My name is looklucklove. I promise you-- it's enough, but barely,)

So I've established that I can't eat any healthier, and I can't eat any less. So the day has come. I'm going to have to get more active.

More on the exercise program according to Elle.... as soon as I figure it out.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Weigh in-- Week 2

Starting 1-1-17 weight: 239.8
Last week's weight: 232.5
Cruise Weight 190.8
Ultimate goal weight: 175
Weight loss this week: 5.3

Whoo hoo! I've lost almost 12 pounds! Dare I lose 20 pounds by the end of January? That seems like a lot to ask for, but a girl can dream! 

Fun fact: this is the least I've weighed in the last year. 

So, I've been doing more of the same-- eating vegetables and protein and that's about it. I'm still not exercising, but I'm thinking about it. My daughter is playing full court basketball this year, and it's exhausting just watching her run up and down the court. She needs to practice running more, to build up her endurance, so maybe we'll go running in the park or around the block. 

That sounds like the least fun thing ever. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

This is why I probably shouldn't exercise

So, it was the first of the year, and I made this vow to eat less and move more. We didn't have anything planned for the day, so I asked the kids what they wanted to do.

My daughter had just received a new pair of roller skates for Christmas, and she wanted to go to the rollerskating rink. Cool, we can do that. I used to be a pretty mean skater back in the day. Of course that was 20+ years ago, but I figured it was like riding a bike, right?

We went to the rink, and my daughter started skating right away. My son is not a skater, so he took his time around the rink. I stayed with him for the first couple of rounds, while I got my skating legs back, and then I started skating on my own.

Let me tell you: It IS like riding a bike! It all came back to me! How to bend, how to turn... I even spun around and did some backwards skating so I could talk to the kids! I was an expert! And I bet this was GREAT exercise! I had visions of coming to the rink every weekend.

There was a boy skating in front of me, going pretty fast. I remembered when I could go that fast! I started to pick up speed, and soon I was overtaking him. Look at me! I'm Awesome!

And then.

For a good 10 seconds, I wasn't falling yet, but I was ALMOST falling. What do I do? Tuck and roll! Fall to your knees! No, I can do this, and I can keep my balance..... 


tuck in your fingers so no one rolls them over.... roll on to your knees to you can get up.... Get up before anyone comes here... good Lord, how is a 240 pound woman supposed to get up quickly?

By the time I was standing up, there was quite the crowd around me. I skated my way off the rink and went to sit with my husband, who came with us but was smart enough not to put on skates.

"Did you see me fall?" I asked.

"No! And I'm so upset I missed it! I would have filmed it! Describe it for me! Did you yell 'ARRRRGH!' as you came crashing down? Can you do it again? I want to see it!"

He's so supportive.

Image may contain: one or more people
all three of us... before the fall

I came home with a bruise on my knee (which is weird because I thought I landed on my bottom) and a bruise on my wrist. By the end of the day, the pain had radiated to my shoulder, and I could barely walk.

My husband was pretty upset about my wrist. "You could have broken your wrist! I TOLD you not to put your hands out when you're falling!"

Like I had any control whatsoever.

I took Advil for the next 4 days, but obviously nothing was broken, so there was no reason to go to the doctor. Besides, as my luck would have it, my health insurance changed in 2017 to a high deductible-- totally my luck to be injured on the very first day of the new plan!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Caffeine Withdrawals

I think I mentioned that I quit caffeine. I take creamer in my coffee, and since I'm trying to give up on sugar, and caffeine and artificial  sweeteners really aren't that good for you, anyway, I decided to quit coffee and soda... at least for now.

I was ok at first. It wasn't until day 2 or 3 that I really thought I was going to die. I thought I had the flu! My muscles ached, I had a headache, I was just not ok. I went to bed at 7:15 that night.

Luckily, I didn't have the mood swings that people talk about.... or maybe my husband was just very afraid of me and stayed out of my way.

Now I'm on day 11, and I'm feeling like myself again! Woo hoo! Here's what worked for me:

I drank green tea (which has some caffeine, but less than a cup of coffee) for the first couple of days, to try to gradually wean myself off, then switched to completely caffeine free tea.

I switched to sparkling water. When I drink a soda, it's because I crave that fizzy burn going down my throat. Sparkling soda water does the same thing. No calories, no caffeine, no sugar. Good stuff. My brain thinks it's drinking a Diet Pepsi!

I powered through. I read somewhere that only 50% of caffeine drinkers experience withdrawal symptoms, and only 50% of those people experience a headache. Count me in that group. My headache was terrible! I was on Advil (for another matter that I guess I'll talk about on Friday), but it did absolutely nothing for the pain. I ended up just going to bed-- only the darkness helped. But I felt a lot better  when I woke up. The very worse withdrawals only last for about three days, so the best thing to do is to power through!

Have you given up on coffee and soda? What works for you?

Monday, January 9, 2017

Weigh in-- Week One

It's been a week! Drum roll, please....

Starting 1-1-17 weight: 239.8
Last week's weight: 239.8
Cruise Weight 190.8
Ultimate goal weight: 175
Weight loss this week: 7.3

Yeah, it was a good week. Maybe TOO good. There's no way I can keep up this type of weight loss, and you're not supposed to. Two pounds a week is healthy, not 7. And looking back at my calories for the week, it looks like I'm not eating enough.

But I haven't been hungry, and I'm trying to get in to the habit of listening to my body, and eating when I'm hungry, not just because I'm bored or because it's our pre-designated mealtime. And I'm sure that I only had a good week because this is the first week since Halloween that I haven't stuffed a cupcake or brownie or piece of candy in my mouth.

Next week, I'm  going to work on continuing with my healthy eating habits, and continue with no coffee, no soda, and limited alcohol. If I have another week like last week, that would be awesome! But realistically, I hope to lose 2 pounds.

Have a great week!

Friday, January 6, 2017

A Sample Menu

Somebody at work asked me what I've been eating.

The answer is: not much.

I'm really trying to cut out the sugar and the caffeine, so no soda and no coffee. I'm a drinker, so I'm trying to limit my alcohol to vodka and water, and only one a night.

I'm going to try to be really good in January, because I have a couple of trips planned in February and I want to enjoy them. I like to keep my intake at 1200-1400 calories, and try to have as little sugar as possible. Here's a sample of what I've been eating this week:

1 egg
1/4 avocado
1 cup green tea
129 calories
0 grams of sugar

I eat breakfast at work. I spray the bottom of a bowl with cooking spray, crack my egg in, and microwave for 45-60 seconds. You can't walk away-- once it starts popping, you're about to have a egg explosion in your microwave. Yuck. I eat the egg with my mashed up avocado and drink tea instead of coffee and creamer.

Morning snack: 
1/4 cup raw almonds
170 calories
1 gram of sugar

This is more calories than I would like to have as a snack-- I would prefer to keep it around 100. But they're filling so I will continue to eat them... for now.

4 oz chicken breast
.5 cup kidney beans
.5 cup chili (no beans)
365 calories
4 grams of sugar

Lunch is usually leftovers from last night's dinner. On this particular day, my husband and kids had chili the night before, and I have grilled chicken and broccoli. So I had left over chicken and chili. I have a food scale and measuring cups-- I never eyeball it. Eyeballs make you fat.

Afternoon snack:
28 Pretzel sticks
2 Tablespoons Hummus
180 calories
0 grams of sugar

I love hummus. Again, measuring is important. 2 Tablespoons isn't very much once you measure it out. And you better believe I counted out all 28 pretzels!

Garden salad with grilled chicken
328 calories
4 grams of sugar

I'm not a huge fan of salads (especially with no dressing!), but it's necessary if you want to fill up! This salad had romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomato, broccoli, a hard boiled egg, 2 slices of bacon, and three ounces of grilled chicken. The rest of the family added cheese, croutons, and dressing to theirs.

2 ounces vodka
1 cup sparkling water
130 calories
0 grams of sugar

2 ounces of vodka and a cup of lime sparkling water makes a delicious vodka tonic with no sugar and less calories!

TOTAL for the day:
1302 calories
9 grams of sugar

This is a pretty good indicator of what a good day looks like for me, and an example of what I've been eating all week. Protein for breakfast, healthy snacks throughout the day, and a big salad for dinner! It's working so far!

What have you all been eating? Any healthy recipes you'd like to share?

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Eat Less. Move More.

Ok, so what am I going to do in to order lose 50 pounds?

Eat less. Move more.

It's not rocket science. I've written about it before. Weight Watchers talks about it constantly. Eat less, move more.

I'm not a fan of fad diets. I'm also not a fan of spending $300 for a month's worth of supplements, promising that the fat will melt right off.

I am a fan of logging everything you eat. I am a fan of low fat, low sugar, high protein.

I have lost weight before. The first time, I lost 44 pounds through weight watchers, in only seven months. I felt great. I looked great. And then, I just stopped. I don't know why.

Well, I kinda do. The program changed. Weight Watchers changes their program every couple of years, to mix it up and get new members. People who weren't successful before might be successful with the new program.

Except it WAS working for me. Why'd they have to go and change it?

The leader told me not to let the change bother me. If I didn't like the change, then keep using the old system. But I lost my groove. I wasn't interested.

Boom. Weight back on.

The second time I lost weight, was through a combination of logging what I ate and going to spin class. I lost 30 pounds in 6 months. I felt good, I looked good.

And then, I just stopped. I don't know why.

Well, I kinda do. My girlfriend who I went to the gym with moved away, and my husband changed his work schedule to I couldn't go at the same time anymore. Suddenly, it had been 6 months since I had stepped foot into the gym. I cancelled my membership and bought a home spin bike. It sits in the living room, seldom getting used.

Boom. Weight back on.

So, now I'm trying again. Logging food really works for me, so I'm going to keep on doing that. I need to get some kind of exercise, but getting on the bike doesn't sound appealing at this point. Maybe I'll start out small. I can do 5 minutes on the bike, right? And I need to work on walking more, in an effort to hit goal on my fitbit. I think the last time I hit my step goal was in I went shopping on Black Friday.

Every little bit helps. Eat less, move more.

Today's weight: 236.6
Ultimate goal weight: 175
Cruise Weight 190.8
1-1-17 weight: 239.8

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Hi. It's been awhile. I don't know if I'm back, I'm just writing. 
 Before the new year started, I told myself I was going to enjoy the week between Christmas and New Year's, but then on January 1st, the crap food goes away. 
 Today is day 3. I'm doing good so far. But I also know that there may come a day in the near future when I just stop for some unknown reason, and then before I know it, I'm back to square one. 
 I need some kind of motivation.
 "You don't need to lose weight," my husband said. "You look gorgeous. I just want you to be happy. Remember that night you wore the black dress? You were happy then. So you were, what? Like 10 pounds less than you are now?" 
Image may contain: one or more people and people standing
The Black Dress
I remember the night of the black dress. That was on our anniversary, six years and 50 pounds ago. I told him as much. 
 He was shocked. "No way was that 50 pounds. If you lost 50 pounds, you would look sickly." 
 No. I would look like a sexy girl in a black dress. And I would still want to lose another 20 pounds.
 "OK," my husband said. "How about this. You get back to the black dress size, where you looked like you were really happy with the way you looked, and we'll go on a cruise. OK?"
I don't own the back dress anymore. I tried it on about a year after I wore it and I ripped it as I was trying to get it over my hips. Instead of trying to repair it, I  threw it away in tears of frustration and disappointment. But that's ok. There are other black dresses.
And I was happy that night. That was September of 2010,  after 5 months of steadily losing weight. I had lost 40 pounds since that April. I was proud of my accomplishment.
Now I need to lose more, and I'm older now, so it will be harder. But I know it can be done.  
Perhaps I will start using this as a weight loss blog....