Monday, April 24, 2017

Weight loss-- week 16

Starting 1-1-17 weight: 239.8
Last week's weight: 217.3
Cruise Weight 190.8
Ultimate goal weight: 175
Weight loss this week:  4.5

If I could just get over this hump and lose those three pounds, that would be awesome. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Weight loss-- week 15

Starting 1-1-17 weight: 239.8
Last week's weight: 212.8
Cruise Weight 190.8
Ultimate goal weight: 175
Weight loss this week: GAIN 4.5

Well, crap. 

It's like that Paula Abdul song. "I take 2 steps forward, I take 2 steps back!" I've been losing and gaining the same 5 pounds for almost two months now. And I just ate like a thousand Cadbury mini eggs in the last hour, so I'm not expecting miracle weight loss tomorrow. 

So, how do you get back on track when you're in a rut? 

Monday, April 10, 2017

weight loss-- week 14

Starting 1-1-17 weight: 239.8
Last week's weight: 215.6
Cruise Weight 190.8
Ultimate goal weight: 175
Weight loss this week: 2.8

OK, the last month was kind of a bust weight loss-wise, but I've been back to losing weight the last couple of weeks, so I'm feeling good! I don't think I'm going to be able to get to my cruise weight by the end of May, which was my original goal, so I'm going to have to rethink that. Still, it WILL happen! Only 22 pounds left! I'm over half way there! And less than 40 pounds left to get to my ultimate goal of 175. 

Of all the times I've tried to lose weight, I've never hit goal. NEVER! The closest I've ever come was 185, and that was 7 years ago. Will I be able to do it this time? I honestly don't know. I personally think it's amazing that I was able to get back on track after my 7 pound gain in March! Usually when I have a setback like that, it starts a downward spiral that I'm not able to escape from. So this month really was a win! 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

weight loss-- week 13

Starting 1-1-17 weight: 239.8
Last week's weight: 217.8
Cruise Weight 190.8
Ultimate goal weight: 175
Weight loss this week: 2.2

Dang, the week's almost over and  I haven't posted! 

This week I was back on track and lost another 2 pounds! After being stuck for the last three weeks, it's been good to see the scale move again. I had a bit of a set back yesterday (went to Wendy's for lunch and then ate some of the Easter candy!), but I'm still hoping for another 2 pound loss when I weigh in on Sunday. We'll see! 

Monday, March 27, 2017

weight loss-- week 12

Starting 1-1-17 weight: 239.8
Last week's weight: 217.9
Cruise Weight 190.8
Ultimate goal weight: 175
Weight loss this week: .1

Another bad week, but at least I didn't gain! 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Yes, I had a gain last week. We're not going to dwell on that. Let's talk more about running.

I am not a runner. There's nothing even remotely fun about it. But it's such good exercise, and I WANT to love it, and I want my kids to love it. So we decided to give running a try.

The first day, I "ran" a mile in 16 minutes. The next day, I didn't run at all, but I walked the mile fast than I ran it the day before. Yes, I am an extremely slow runner. After that, I sat on the couch.

But "running" two days a week isn't bad.  I figure that's a starting point. I just need to work on it not hurting so much.

Yes, it hurts. So bad. I only ran maybe half the distance the first day, and my feet hurt so bad. This was the main reason I walked the mile the second day, running was out of the question. Four days later, and my feet were still in pain. I'm fairly certain that I have arthritis in my feet. Or maybe plantar fasciitis.  

My husband doesn't believe me, but then again, he doesn't do any running at all, so he really can't talk.

A coworker told me yesterday that new research suggests that walking is actually better exercise for you than running. I don't know what this new research is, but I'm for sure on board with it!

What about you.... are you a runner?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Weight loss-- week 11

Starting 1-1-17 weight: 239.8
Last week's weight: 210.8
Cruise Weight 190.8
Ultimate goal weight: 175
Weight loss this week: GAIN 7.1

Yikes. Binge much, Lovely? 

I guess they can't all be good weeks. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017



I'm on vacation this week. The kids are off on spring break for the next two weeks, so I'm with them for the first week, and my husband is off the second week. We have nothing planned, so we've been sitting around and eating a lot. I've gained four pounds this week so far, and it's only Wednesday.

My daughter is 11. She just finished basketball season, and I noticed while she was on the court that she's like the funkiest runner ever. Like have you ever seen Phoebe run, on Friends? That funky.

Phoebe Running - Friends
There's something wrong with her ankles, they're turned in. I'm worried  that she's going to trip and fall and break an ankle. So I told her that during the off season, we would work on her running.

I took her to one of those over priced running shoe stores to have her feet measured and her stance evaluated and all that. Wow, they saw me coming. $250 later, we walked out with running shoes, insoles, and special compression socks. Apparently, whatever's wrong with her is fairly common and nothing to worry about. Good to know.

I told my daughter that if I'm going to spend that kind of money on shoes, she was going to be using them. And not just to walk around the mall, she was going to running in the off season, every day.

My daughter replied, "OK.... but you should run with me."

I'm not sure why my children hate me.

So, we are about to leave right now to go on our first run ever. We have our shoes, our water, our cute little running outfits....

I'll let you know how it turns out. I'm guessing we make it about three steps.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Weight loss-- week 10

Starting 1-1-17 weight: 239.8
Last week's weight: 213.2
Cruise Weight 190.8
Ultimate goal weight: 175
Weight loss this week: 2.4

I'm SO close to 30 pounds!

So, hitting 30 pounds is my first major goal. I didn't actually expect to lose 30 pounds in 3 months, but it's happening. Now it's time to move on to the next goal. Here are some goals that I've thought of:

Pre-pregnancy weight: 208. Not much of a goal-- it's only 2 pounds away.

ONE-derland: 199.8. While it will certainly be exciting to be less than 200 pounds, at the rate I'm going, I'll be there by the end of April.

Little black dress weight: 190.8. The whole purpose for the weight loss, the weight my husband said we would go on a cruise if I hit this weight. It's happening, hopefully by the end of May.

Danger Zone Weight: 185. I'm calling this the danger zone because when I lost the weight before, this was the lowest I got.... before I starting gaining it all back. If I stay on track and keep losing 2 pounds a week, I'll be there by mid-June.

Ultimate goal: 175. I say this is my ultimate goal, but mostly because I haven't seen this weight since college. I don't actually know what it looks like. I'm so tall, and I like my curves, so I don't think I'll want to lose much more than that. I know when I was a senior in high school I was at 167 and I was pretty happy with that,  but my high school days are definitely over! I also know that when I was a freshman in college, the stress of the change brought me down to 145 and people were concerned for my health, so I know that's too low. So I think I'll just shoot for 175 for now, and take it day by day after that.

How is everyone else's weight loss journey going? Do you make goals?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

progression shot-- 25 pounds gone

It's time for a progression shot!

Here's what I've been using as my before shot. I probably should have taken a more "official" before picture, but I didn't. This is all I've got:

And here I am, in Las Vegas, 25 pounds less of me:

Still not much of a difference, but I can see it in my face. And my confidence level has increased--- I never wore a shirt tucked in before January. Progress, little by little!


Monday, March 6, 2017

Weight loss-- week 9

Starting 1-1-17 weight: 239.8
Last week's weight: 214.8
Cruise Weight 190.8
Ultimate goal weight: 175
Weight loss this week: 1.6

How is this even possible???? I go to Vegas, eat a bunch of french fries, and STILL lose a pound and a half? I can't even explain it.

OK, maybe I can. I walked around a lot when I was in Vegas, and I was on full on salad mode once I got home. I have really cut back on the random snacking. I have been TRYING to lay off the alcohol.... some days are more successful than others in that arena.

This is my biggest win for the week. My living room looks like this right now:

I am the cookie manager for my daughter's girl scout troop, so I have to keep an inventory on hand during cookie season. Please buy these so I'm not tempted to eat them!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Ash Wednesday

It's my daughter's 11th birthday today. Happy birthday, Baby Bug!

It is also Ash Wednesday. And if you're a good Catholic girl.... well, you're probably not ready this. But if you're a regular Catholic girl, just doing the best you can, then you might be thinking about giving up something for Lent.

That's where I'm at right now. What am I going to give up? It needs to be something meaningful, a true sacrifice. But it also needs to be something achievable. There's no point in setting myself up for failure.

But here's the thing. I've already given up coffee and soda. I haven't been going out to fast food and I've cut out a lot of sugar. I don't have rice or pasta or bread. Foodwise, I really only have two vices: French fries and alcohol.

I ate my share of french fries while I was in Vegas last weekend. They're so good! They're my weakness. But I also drank my share of alcohol this weekend, too. The weekend would not have been as good without alcohol... or french fries.

So, I covet both of these indulgences. If I'm being honest, I probably covet alcohol more than french fries. So  it makes sense to give up alcohol, right?

Right.... but man. It's a long time until Easter. And there's crab feeds and birthdays  and basketball and baseball and girl scout cookie booths. Yeah... I just don't think I can do it.

Maybe I should just give up red meat instead.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Weight loss-- week 8

Starting 1-1-17 weight: 239.8
Last week's weight: 217.8
Cruise Weight 190.8
Ultimate goal weight: 175
Weight loss this week: 3.0

Just got back from a weekend of fun in Las Vegas! More details after I've slept it off...

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Twenty Pounds

Ugh. I'm depressed.

So, I lost 20 pounds, so I thought it would be good to post a progression photo. I'm really tall, so 20 pounds doesn't actually change a whole lot on me. But, still. Twenty pounds. There has to be some difference, right?

Oh, Lord.

I hate it. I actually look BETTER in the before photo.

I'm going to post the two photos. But before I do, let me spill some logic:

  • I did not take an actual "before" photo. Now looking back, I see that I should have. So I went through my husband's phone and found a full body photo that was close to January 1st. In this particular photo, I am about to go out with my daughter, so my hair and make up is done, the picture is taken at a flattering angle, and I'm wearing a cardigan. 
  • The "after" picture is not my best. It was taken after a long day of work, so my hair is a mess and my make up is non-existent. It's also a selfie, as opposed to the first picture being taken by the hubs. 
  • My clothes are very ill-fitting in the after photo. I suppose that's a good thing. I need to take photos again, but wearing the same thing in both photos. Something form fitting. 

I see these things, and I understand the logic, but it doesn't make me feel any better.

before on the left, after on the right. 

I'm going to eat a donut.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Weight Loss-- Week 7

Starting 1-1-17 weight: 239.8
Last week's weight: 221.0
Cruise Weight 190.8
Ultimate goal weight: 175
Weight loss this week: 3.2

That's right, my friends! TWENTY-TWO POUNDS!

I'm awesome. Let's celebrate by eating a dozen cupcakes.

Friday, February 17, 2017

weight loss while travelling, part 2

I had been worried about eating while on my trip. It was really hard when all the menus looked like this:

And then all the meals looked like this:

And then there was a whole lot of this mixed in:

But here's what worked for me.

I didn't eat any bread. Well, very little. I had a 1/4 of a croissant, and a bite of a danish. But no sandwiches and no rolls at dinner.

I had the dressing on the side. Actually, I was only able to do this with one salad, as the other salads I had came with the dressing on them and I didn't have a choice. Luckily, those were light vinaigrettes. But for the third night, they put the creamy dressing on the side. I said no thank you to dressing all together that night.

I didn't have any rice or potatoes. See that heap of potatoes in the picture above? Yeah, that stayed on the plate. I did eat about 10 truffle fries one night, but then I passed the rest around my dinner table. Let me tell you, those ten truffle fries were AMAZING.

I skipped dessert. I have a weakness for cheesecake, and they served that on the last night. I did have two or three bites of the cheesecake but I left the rest, and I said no thank you to dessert all together on the other nights.

I indulged when I wanted to. All this sacrifice was because I knew I was going to drink a whole lot. And I did.

The end result? I lost half a pound! Hey, when I thought I would be lucky not to gain, I'll take that!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

liquid courage

So. I survived my work trip.

I drank a lot, and I ate very little. In fact, I probably ate TOO little, and I for SURE drank too much.

When it was time to be in a meeting, I was on. I was poised and professional. I contributed to the conversation without being overbearing.

After each day of meetings.... well, not so much.

The first night I was ok. I enjoyed several beverages but didn't go overboard.

In bed by a decent hour

The second night was a little worse. My team went bowling, and I am a terrible bowler. I drank several beers, hoping that I would get a little better. I didn't. But I was still able to maintain, and I didn't drink at dinner and only had one cocktail afterwards, so I was still ok.

The third night.... wow.

It was the roaring 20's costume party, and I was wearing a dress out of my comfort zone, along with two girls much younger, thinner, and prettier than I am. I needed some liquid courage.

Oh my. I was courageous.

It is a little comfort that several people went out AFTER the party and they did a few things that I KNOW I didn't do. I've also looked through several photos and I don't see anything incriminating. 



Monday, February 13, 2017

weight los-- week 6

Starting 1-1-17 weight: 239.8
Last week's weight: 221.5
Cruise Weight 190.8
Ultimate goal weight: 175
Weight loss this week: .5

I wasn't expecting to lose any weight this week. I had my conference last week, I just got back, and after 5 days of hotel food, I figured it would be pretty exciting just to remain flat.

Well, guess what? I'm pretty dang excited to have lost! Yeah, it was only half a  pound. I can live with that.

Now  I'll be working super hard, because I'm off to Las Vegas in two weeks, and I REALLY want to be down 20 pounds by then! Less than two pounds to go!

Friday, February 10, 2017


I'm sitting on my couch, with an open suitcase in front of me and laundry piled all around me. I have to pack for stupid work trip. It's giving me major anxiety.

This is going to be a conference filled with rich, beautiful people. They can afford designer wardrobes and personal trainers.

I am neither rich nor beautiful. My wardrobe is straight from Target. My personal trainer is You Tube.

And the clothes I do have are ill fitting. My big clothes are now too big but my skinny clothes are still too tight. And it's in the desert,  so it's going to be warm. It's a lot easier to hide  my size under a sweater than under a thin shirt. If only the conference was in another month or two, so I had a chance to lose another 10-20 pounds!

And the masquerade-- the friggin' 1920's themed  mystery dinner theater. Lord help me.

Other than the masquerade dinner, the conference is casual. So I have my dress, hose and shoes for the dinner. I have two pairs of jeans and a pair of capris for the other days. I have work out clothes in case I have the wild desire to exercise. I need a couple of nice shirts to wear with the jeans, and maybe a sundress to wear if we go out for drinks one night, and something to wear when lounging around the hotel....

Dang, I'm going to need to pack like four pairs of shoes. Good thing I'm checking my luggage.