Wednesday, February 15, 2017

liquid courage

So. I survived my work trip.

I drank a lot, and I ate very little. In fact, I probably ate TOO little, and I for SURE drank too much.

When it was time to be in a meeting, I was on. I was poised and professional. I contributed to the conversation without being overbearing.

After each day of meetings.... well, not so much.

The first night I was ok. I enjoyed several beverages but didn't go overboard.

In bed by a decent hour

The second night was a little worse. My team went bowling, and I am a terrible bowler. I drank several beers, hoping that I would get a little better. I didn't. But I was still able to maintain, and I didn't drink at dinner and only had one cocktail afterwards, so I was still ok.

The third night.... wow.

It was the roaring 20's costume party, and I was wearing a dress out of my comfort zone, along with two girls much younger, thinner, and prettier than I am. I needed some liquid courage.

Oh my. I was courageous.

It is a little comfort that several people went out AFTER the party and they did a few things that I KNOW I didn't do. I've also looked through several photos and I don't see anything incriminating. 



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