Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Hi. It's been awhile. I don't know if I'm back, I'm just writing. 
 Before the new year started, I told myself I was going to enjoy the week between Christmas and New Year's, but then on January 1st, the crap food goes away. 
 Today is day 3. I'm doing good so far. But I also know that there may come a day in the near future when I just stop for some unknown reason, and then before I know it, I'm back to square one. 
 I need some kind of motivation.
 "You don't need to lose weight," my husband said. "You look gorgeous. I just want you to be happy. Remember that night you wore the black dress? You were happy then. So you were, what? Like 10 pounds less than you are now?" 
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The Black Dress
I remember the night of the black dress. That was on our anniversary, six years and 50 pounds ago. I told him as much. 
 He was shocked. "No way was that 50 pounds. If you lost 50 pounds, you would look sickly." 
 No. I would look like a sexy girl in a black dress. And I would still want to lose another 20 pounds.
 "OK," my husband said. "How about this. You get back to the black dress size, where you looked like you were really happy with the way you looked, and we'll go on a cruise. OK?"
I don't own the back dress anymore. I tried it on about a year after I wore it and I ripped it as I was trying to get it over my hips. Instead of trying to repair it, I  threw it away in tears of frustration and disappointment. But that's ok. There are other black dresses.
And I was happy that night. That was September of 2010,  after 5 months of steadily losing weight. I had lost 40 pounds since that April. I was proud of my accomplishment.
Now I need to lose more, and I'm older now, so it will be harder. But I know it can be done.  
Perhaps I will start using this as a weight loss blog....

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