Monday, January 9, 2017

Weigh in-- Week One

It's been a week! Drum roll, please....

Starting 1-1-17 weight: 239.8
Last week's weight: 239.8
Cruise Weight 190.8
Ultimate goal weight: 175
Weight loss this week: 7.3

Yeah, it was a good week. Maybe TOO good. There's no way I can keep up this type of weight loss, and you're not supposed to. Two pounds a week is healthy, not 7. And looking back at my calories for the week, it looks like I'm not eating enough.

But I haven't been hungry, and I'm trying to get in to the habit of listening to my body, and eating when I'm hungry, not just because I'm bored or because it's our pre-designated mealtime. And I'm sure that I only had a good week because this is the first week since Halloween that I haven't stuffed a cupcake or brownie or piece of candy in my mouth.

Next week, I'm  going to work on continuing with my healthy eating habits, and continue with no coffee, no soda, and limited alcohol. If I have another week like last week, that would be awesome! But realistically, I hope to lose 2 pounds.

Have a great week!

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