Monday, January 30, 2017

Weigh in-- Week 4

Starting 1-1-17 weight: 239.8
Last week's weight: 224.9
Cruise Weight 190.8
Ultimate goal weight: 175
Weight loss this week: 1.9

Well, that's disappointing. Although 1.9 pounds lost in a week is definitely nice weight loss, I also weigh 1.4 pounds MORE than I weighed yesterday. I guess I had more to eat than I thought yesterday. Damn you, delicious posole.

But still. I was hoping to lose 20 pounds this first month. I didn't quite make it, but I was close! If I can lose 10 pounds a month from now on, I'll be very happy! I can still be swimsuit ready by the summer.

Which is a good thing, because my husband brought home a new (for him) boat yesterday. It's not a going-out-and-having-fun boat, it's a fishing boat (called a c-dory, for those who know about boats). My husband used to be an avid fisherman before we met, and he's been wanting to get back  in to it. I'm sure it will mostly be him on the boat, but  there will be many a weekend this summer when the whole family is on the water-- my son and my husband fishing, and me and my daughter lounging in the sun while reading!

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